• Weslar

Just make something.

Without being ironic, even though it has been over two years since I last made a short film. The mantra "just make something" is apt for anyone wanting to create Film, Art, Music; any of the arts really, or anything else that takes effort and determination.

But sometimes, that is easier said than done, I can certainly attest to that.

Sometimes life becomes difficult, obstacles cause delays, cause dreams to fall out of reach. It's a turmoil only you really understand how to get through, I understand this to.

Here for the filmmakers now;

There are practical roadblocks, financing, access to equipment, locations, cast & crew, etc, etc. The quintessential elements of creating a film, in this case. But they aren't limited to these, sometimes it depends on what stories you want to tell. Ultimately that's the primary goal, to tell a story. It can look as gorgeous as anything shot by Roger Deakins, but if the heart isn't in the story, the soul that the visuals illuminate repress to shine.

Just having an idea, just writing it down, just using your phone, or DSLR, which ever method suits or is available to you is a tool that you have access to make something. Making it happen on your own, however small or large the budget.

I know that may sound preachy, but it's the truth. I know the excitement for a new camera, a new lens. Having massive aspirations about the film you want to make, but it starts with if you can pull it off, afford the shiny expensive gear, the vast array of locations and cast of characters. For the most part, it's either a no, or it will take a long time, but could be a yes.

A story, of what that's your subjective choice, is what connects to you, and something you are aware that you can make. So why not do it? That being rhetorical, if you've got any of the necessary items that can't facilitate the filmmaking process, then go ahead and just make something.

No excuses anymore.

"An Indigo Summer Where Everything Is In Blue" - A short film I recently made, by just making something. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIoOuKoVmMk&t=2s