• Weslar

Scene-by-scene, a motivational push.

I couldn’t resist the need to post.

During my current session writing my feature, I am overcome with an instantaneous feeling of excitement. I have found my rhythm – the flow – enabling me to find answers to questions I’d asked myself before. Answering scenes with ones that follow, counteract, build upon. I think I’ve found my muse, and that is my character and their drive.

A snowball in motion, getting bigger and bigger, the story is seemingly increasing in depth in a way that is noticeable. Scenes are gaining the right to be included because they service the bigger arc of the character and the story. I had dealt with frustration before, that I thought scenes didn’t work, they didn’t make sense. An over-sized thrust of doubt perpetuated by not knowing why I was writing them, but now it seems ever so clear, and it took patience, it took persistence and it took motivation.

Knowing what I know about my character(s), and the story, theme and tone – even thinking about the filming & editing – has helped encourage scenes, moments to surface and belong to the story I’m telling, as if seemlessly conjured up out of my sub-conscious.

With the little time I can afford to write this, the process is spread out over many weeks as of today. But after every session, preparing for the next, I carry a consistent excitement for what comes next, for that is the goal; isn’t it? To always be excited about the work you create, the effect you may have and what it can achieve in a way that gives your voice definition. The reason for creating is to be always creating, and you do it endlessly. Sub-consciously writing for the next time.