• Weslar

Stuck? Don’t let it get to you.

Today has been a day, comprising of highs and lows. And you DO feel those lows, but being persistent the outlook is far brighter than it was deemed to be as you sank.

I’m working on my first feature. My first REAL feature, the first two became exercises on what not to do, progressing to what TO do in future writing.

I’m not really interested in divulging into any information regarding the story, but more of the process. A lot of my time so far has been to make the story flow, the plot consistent and pacing tight. On an overall level.

Quick note: I’ve been using a basic table to plot the Scene locations/Descriptions, as before I just outlined the script on Celtx – terrible, terrible idea – being able to see the story in an overall sense is a job in compartmentalising it into segments, whilst also having the overarching story in sight. Giving you complete and utter insight to the entirety of it.

For today has been a test, I have struggled to create out of what I desire to include, thinking to get rid of something I am passionate about haunts me, but it’s a decision that has to be made in service of the story. A lot of the groundwork is set in stone because it is the backbone of the story and the plot, luckily using the table method, as simple as moving one scene to another part of the film has provided an eye opening revelation of new ideas.

The new ideas that inspire & motivate a whole new instance of creation. Although my hours today haven’t been as rewarding as say other writing sessions, the takeaway is to be persistent, and I sure as hell am seeing the film clearer the further down the rabbit hole I go. What I might find there, I don’t know right now. But I know I am falling further, and it’s enriching my soul, fuelling passion and curiosity.