• Weslar

The New Year brings me here refreshed.

Of all the things to be happy for, the start of a New Year seems so common of an instance that not much attention is paid to it. A number changes, nothing else follows. I’ve felt like this before, it’s just a new number at the end of two-oh-one. At the tail end of 2018 I’d written a post, with my excitement to be in this New Year, changing my whole perspective after having to see life in a new light, one that shines on so much good, that it eviscerate whatever the dark can cover up.

It’s refreshing, the newness of time. This beginning is not a restart but a refresh of mind & soul, and of the prospects for what the Future is and can be.

So much to do, but looking at it one day at a time. Not being discouraged by the enormity of what is to be done, but the steps to get to the finish line of something that I adore comes from this new refreshing perspective. Taking it day by day, by making each one worth it going into the next.

Actually living.

Essentially getting my shit together.

This attitude is working, my feature film I can see in another light. It’s easy to visualise, I can see it whilst I write and read it. I feel more confident as I write, for before I was intimidated just to sit down and tackle the work. I did give myself a break for the whole of December, to essentially have the epiphany that brought me to life’s new outlook. Doing this clearly has paid off, I’m a lot calmer, the fear is gone, it should have never been there.

The fear is that doubt of your own abilities, but who’s judging you? And by what metric? There isn’t one. That fear of self doubt, is only you stopping yourself before you have even begun.

I’m rid of that.

Now it’s time to keep on the ball with my work, and to be constant in emotion, in my mind, in my work, for everything I am.

And I see it, I see the future through the haze of a cloudy mindset of the past. It has become nothing more than a vail of nothing, easy to avoid, even easier to push through because of what lies ahead is brighter.

The New Year brings with it an instance of reflection, that is the nature of life, reflection of what was. Now it’s the possibilities of what two-oh-one-nine could bring, and you’ll be hearing a lot from me in it.

Happy New Year!