Wesley Jones - Writer of tales, Director of character, Editor of digital; lover of film.


I am a highly motivated film maker. I use film to express my ideas. I am passionate about the projects I work on, and I do so with complete dedication and a desire to work professionally. I enjoy working both independently and as part of a team. 


My commitment to work knows no bounds, completely enthralled with the project at hand. I Write, Direct, operate Camera's and Edit. Having a diverse skill set helps me understand the overall flow of work on a production.

Blackout Films is my approach to combining all media related work that I've created, having them on display to promote my work as a Writer, Director and Editor as my main point of focus. The foundation of the idea is that I can make myself stand out under a recognisable banner.


Blackout Films represents the ideals of what I envision when creating media related content. Blackout Films is the gateway into another world, that for the time in an experience you can escape and enter the narrative in complete concentration, whether that would be through film, documentary or music video.