"Have a product you're in progress of releasing and want a video to show your product and its uses? Choose from the packages below, and send a message with ideas, and desires for your video."

30 Seconds;


Pricing: £100 - (One day, One payment)


Description: Faster-paced video that showcases an overall display of what your business/service has to offer customers. Being 30 seconds it highlights the nature of your brand, giving your identity a voice for potential customers to hear.


Or, can be focused solely on a specific product/service you provide that can be the focus of a video. Making sure to take extra care in the details of a single service/product, or a series of videos that will collectively show in more detail what you can provide for your customer.


If required, a series of videos is part of this option.

60 Seconds


Pricing: £125 - (One day, One payment)


Description: Second-tier, this involves a lot more detail, interviews that flesh out the personality of your brand. 

90 Seconds;


Pricing: £175 - (One day, One payment)


Description: Finally, tier three. In a 90 second video you can choose to have in-depth look at the service(s) you provide with more time for explanation. Need the extra time to fit in more descriptives to ensure that the viewer gets all the relevant information they need to understand your brand, and fully take in what you can provide for them.